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Golden Fried Rice with Smoked Coho Salmon By Kay Liu

Golden Fried Rice with Smoked Coho Salmon By Kay Liu

Posted by Ekone on Jan 25th 2024

This beautiful golden hue comes from egg yolks coating each grain of rice before cooking. The key is to use organic or pasture raised eggs to get that orange hue. The egg yolk is simple and subtle so I like adding the smoked coho salmon to enhance the flavor. And it can be made with simple ingredients you might already have in your pantry.

Ingredients (serving: 5)
- 3 cups overnight cooked rice
- 1 Ekone Smoked Coho Salmon
- 4 eggs
- salt
- white parts of scallions
- 2 tbsp sambal

- In a large bowl, add the cooked white rice and egg yolk, mix well until rice is well coated. Then, add in the Smoked Coho Salmon and mix well into the rice.
- On medium-high heat, cook the rice until the grains separate then season with a pinch of salt.
- Make a space in the middle of the pan then add scallions, egg whites (season this with some salt), and sambal crunch
- Continuously stir fry until all the ingredients combined for another 2-3 minutes