Our Story

Operated by five generations of Pacific Northwest shellfish farmers, we're a family cannery located on the shores of Willapa Bay, Washington. As one of the last few independent canneries left in the U.S., we're proud to carry on the tradition of the Northwest in the craft of sustainably harvested, succulent tinned seafood.

From growing our shellfish in these nutrient-rich tidelands, to gently smoking and hand-packing it, we own the entire process from tide to tin. We take just as much care with our wild-caught fish, which comes from nearby tribes and local fishing families. All of our seafood is harvested at peak freshness to preserve its flavors and nutrients. And in Northwest style, we use little oil and pack our tins to the brim with large pieces, so you can savor these healthy proteins whenever you please.

Ekone was founded in 1980 by Nick and Joanne Jambor, shellfish farmers keen on perfecting their smoking techniques and recipes. Today, we're proudly part of the Taylor Shellfish family, who were asked to carry on Ekone's legacy when the Jambors retired.

Working in harmony with nature through regenerative farming, we bring a technical expertise built over generations. To us, the simple joy of popping a tin of delicious seafood rich in omegas is a gift from our family to you.

Each time you enjoy Ekone, you experience our family's care in creating seafood of exceptional quality and taste, and our deep commitment to the future of our coastal communities.