Habanero Ekone Smoked Oysters

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Habanero Ekone Smoked Oysters

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A fiery fusion of flavor for the spice lovers palate. We take great care in crafting these oysters, beginning with a unique brining process. These oysters are immersed in not one, but two distinct Habanero sauces, infusing them with an intense, yet approachable and addicting heat. Once spiced to perfection the oysters are meticulously placed on stainless steel racks and gently cold-smoked.

Pacific Oysters, Organic Sunflower Oil, Salt, Tomatoes, Habanero Peppers,  Garlic, Hot Sauce (water, chili peppers, habanero peppers, tomato paste, vinegar, salt, garlic, onion spices, xanthan gum), Organic Sugar, Organic Garlic Powder, Organic Onion Powder, *Citric Acid, Natural Smoke

*Citric Acid used as a flavor enhancement only


!WARNING!-Prop 65

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65 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5

    David Ball   |   Jul 17th 2022

    Habanero Smoked Oysters

    I bought a sampler pack and didn't get around to trying the Habanero Smoked Oysters until today. That was a bad move on my part. Those things are INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS! I eat a lot of hot stuff so these are not hot to me, but just right. Too bad they are so expensive as I could eat two cans. However, at $12 a can, I really don't want to spend $24 for smoked oysters. I will, however, eat a can now and again as a treat to me.

  • 5

    Chris Jarvis   |   Apr 27th 2022

    Bought as a gift

    I bought this for my dad for his birthday with some other cans and he instantly opened these and loved them. Will order again!

  • 5

    Matt   |   Feb 26th 2022

    Habanero oysters

    Absolutely love these oysters! Highly recommend and will continue buying!!!

  • 5

    Sandra   |   Feb 23rd 2022

    Habanero smoked oysters

    I have been buying these oysters for my son in Minnesota for a long time. I debated paying the high price as in the past they were very reasonably priced, but he is definitely worth the cost as he loves them and the originals.

  • 5

    Mitch Cox   |   Jan 17th 2022

    Just the right amount of heat. Best I have ever eaten.

    Will be buying lots more. Thanks Mitch

  • 5

    Chris   |   Oct 4th 2021

    Habenero oysters

    They are a little pricey. Nonetheless, they are a great product! Definitely will purchase again!

  • 5

    John E Copeland   |   Sep 25th 2021

    Habanero Ekone Smoked Oysters

    I have abandoned the convention of Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner. I eat just one “big meal” per day. On the days that I don’t feel like cooking…I may pair a can of organic split pea soup with a can of these oysters. DELICIOUS combination…!!!

  • 5

    Tony   |   Sep 17th 2021

    Habanero Oysters

    Flavorful, moist, tender, just the right amount of oil and spice. Not to hot.

  • 5

    Cindy Cincotta   |   Aug 31st 2021

    Habanero Ekone Smoked Oysters

    These are the best! Great flavor! Will be buying more of these!!